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Mature gay man loods for a serious mature gay

04.01. 13:48 | Nabídka / Prodám | Vážné - on hledá jeho
Popis: Hi, I am from Spain, where I live and I would like to find a gay man like me, (not bisex or married), just gay as I am, to build a sincere friendship and a relation based on mutual trust and respect. I suffer from a thyroid disease.Unfortunately many gay men are always thinking about frivolous adventures, just obsessed with physical appearance and promiscuity, which makes very difficult to find a real friend, a real love, in this world of emptiness. I feel so alone and I would like to find someone mature in mind, I am a mature gay near of the fifties and I would like to find someone that can travel and that way in the future we can meet each other, I say that because I am not interested on a just VIRTUAL friendship, but a REAL ONE. I am not very fond of computers, so I prefer to talk, to walk, to share things with someone, but as I don´t like night life, I don´t smoker or drink and not into discos, so chances to meet a gay man of my mentality are not very common. I am into cultural life, I love reading, music from pop to classical, spirituality, tenderness, caring, affection, animals, languages etc. I don´t like frivolous, superficial, stupid or hypocrite people. I don´t like football either. I don´t care about physical appearance or disabilities, I care about personality and feelings, a good conversation, tenderness.If there´s someone interested on writing me, who wants a serious relation, who believes in friendship, in love, feels alone and wants to escape from that. Thanks.
Inzerent:palacios bromedas
Telefon:989 809 834
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